What is VMART?

A virtual mart to help remove the high cost incurred from rental of a physical shop, so that savings can be passed onto the consumer. Singaporeans mostly take public transport to get to their destination. We give consumers something to do to save them time by engaging them to buy groceries while waiting for their buses to arrive. This is done by using advertisement panels at bus stops as virtual shelves.


Problem Statement

Grocery shopping takes up a lot of time people do not have. Vmart’s catalogues at bus terminals enable consumers to buy groceries while waiting for their buses and delivers it right to their homes.


The VMART Logo

The “V” in VMart stands for virtual as it is on a virtual platform. A circular shape draws attention to it, which is important as target consumers are very busy and would not pay attention. Orange was chosen as it is an exciting, positive, and enthusiastic color. While grey is strong and steady.


Users & Audience

Low income households in Singapore. They do not have time to go grocery shopping as they are always working.